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Jiangmen Office: Import and export clearance of cargo, LCL import and export, rail transport, import and export shipping, air transport, domestic FOB exports of goods clearance trailer transport services.

Shenzhen Office: Mainly engaged in freight forwarding, NVOCC, cargo warehousing, groupage distribution, inland transportation, customs clearance, yard, and all kinds of third-party logistics services for domestic and foreign customers to deliver superior one-stop, professional logistics services.

Guangzhou Office:
To provide customers with mainland China to Hong Kong for liner services, international shipping, LCL, air import and export business, specifically including import and export customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, trailer, agent booking space, procure insurance, agent at import and export document and so on.

Shanghai Office: Agents at sea, land and air transportation, freight forwarding, NVOCC, warehousing, freight consolidation and distribution, inland transportation, customs clearance, container yards and third-party logistics etc.

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