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Import Services
Laden-Out and Empty-In (Based on Hong Kong)  - With the help of frequent voyages, we could provide a rapid service to transfer laden-containers to the Mainland and return empty-containers to Hong Kong.
Through Importation - Customers are welcome to import their goods via our overseas agents, so that we could keep an eye on the whole transportation, as well as to ensure the goods arrive safely on time.
Second Leg Importation (Based on Hong Kong) - Customers are welcome to request your carriers or shippers to designate our company to handle the second leg importation from Hong Kong to the Mainland.

Export Service
Exportation From Mainland - According to the strong network with overseas agents, we could provide rapid and high quality services with a reasonable freight for the exportation from Jiangmen.
Get On Vessel  - We have a huge fleet to transfer customers’ goods to get on vessel on time.
Laden-Out and Empty-In  -  With the help of frequent voyages, we could provide a rapid service to transfer empty-containers to the Mainland and return laden-containers to Hong Kong.
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